S.D.M. Jainmatt Trust (R)

A.G.M. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Shri Navagrha Teerth Kshetra, N.H-4 Road, VARUR.581207.
Tq : Hubballi Dist. Dharwad, Karnataka

S.D.M. Jainmatt Trust (R)

A.G.M Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Shri Navagrha Teerth Kshetra, N.H-4 Road, VARUR-CHABBI.581207.
Tq : Hubballi Dist. Dharwad, Karnataka

Department of Practice of Medicine

The Department of Practice of Medicine is dedicated to providing comprehensive and patient-centered care in the field of internal medicine. Our team of experienced physicians and healthcare professionals focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various medical conditions. We are committed to delivering evidence-based care, promoting preventive medicine, and fostering a holistic approach to patient well-being. Through our expertise, research, and education, we strive to improve the health and quality of life for individuals, while also contributing to advancements in the field of medicine.


To be a leading department in the practice of medicine, renowned for our excellence in patient care, research, and education. We envision a future where our department is at the forefront of medical advancements, providing innovative and compassionate healthcare solutions. We aim to shape the future of medicine through our commitment to clinical excellence, continuous learning, and collaboration with other healthcare disciplines.


To provide exceptional medical care, focusing on accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and a compassionate patient-centered approach. We strive to deliver evidence-based medicine, promote wellness, and improve the quality of life for our patients. We are committed to advancing medical knowledge through research, training the next generation of healthcare professionals, and actively contributing to the healthcare community.

Teaching faculty photo

Dr. Shashikant I Kanakanwadi


Dr. Kallanagouda Kulakarni

Asst Professor

Dr. Vinuta Yathiswarappa G

Asst Professor