S.D.M. Jainmatt Trust (R)

A.G.M. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Shri Navagrha Teerth Kshetra, N.H-4 Road, VARUR.581207.
Tq : Hubballi Dist. Dharwad, Karnataka

S.D.M. Jainmatt Trust (R)

A.G.M Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Shri Navagrha Teerth Kshetra, N.H-4 Road, VARUR-CHABBI.581207.
Tq : Hubballi Dist. Dharwad, Karnataka

Dr Anand A. Kulkarni


Professor and Head,
Department of Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy

Principal's Message

Welcome to the exciting, challenging and rewarding world of Homoeopathy!  

With the blessings and vision of Rashtra Sant Acharya Gunadharanandi Maharaj ji, the inspiration for the S.D.M. Jainmatt Trust’s A.G.M. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Varur, is not only a medium for imparting excellent medical education but also as a moulding ground to turn out honest, dynamic, competent and confident individuals ready to do the handsome responsibilities of Physicians. What began as an idea is now a fast-growing institution striving for all round quality learning. This is an outcome of various facts that give this institution its characteristic value as great leadership, dedicated faculty, enterprising students, ever increasing facilities, a deep concern for student’s development and an insatiable urge to evolute into a formidable institution.

The highlighting feature of this institution is discipline, strict student’s attendance, teaching of moral character, latest audio visual mode of teaching with co-curricular activities like Pharmacy educational tour for 1st B.H.M.S students, quiz and debate competitions, Case presentation, Poster presentation, Symposium, Role play, Seminar, Group discussion, Annual sports and Extra-curricular activities & Annual Social Gathering are arranged. Each and every department of the college are fully versed with basic as well latest equipment, models, charts, specimens. This institution is being groomed as a model Institute of Homoeopathy.

Each new academic session is accompanied by new developments. In order to keep up with our progress we are on a lookout for enterprising individuals who possess the urge to learn, talent to implement & capacity to lead. We provide them with numerous platforms where they can explore, exhibit and express their ideas. They are also able to interact and train with medical sector, as it is opening for them a world of possibilities. Our commitment to our vision and the exceptional dedication of our staff and students ensure that our institution is well poised for success in this ever demanding and changing world of technology.

As you are aware that the current century has witnessed a rapid change in every facet of life. ‘Education’ is not exception to these changes. Scientific studies have revealed that traditional ‘Teacher-centric’ methods of teaching-learning make the student more passive learner, dependent, reducing their creativity & interest in learning, thereby making them only ‘examination-oriented’. Recent surveys reveal a frightening finding about how these graduates/post graduates are found to be useless to the profession and to the public. On other hand, ‘Student-centric’ approach makes the students more active & participatory learners. Students are trained to face difficulties & find remedies for their problems on their own, thereby the students become more self-reliant & creative. The role of a teacher in this approach is of a ‘facilitator’. Such kind of learning experience of the students, although difficult at initial level, but in later part of their careers, it becomes simpler, easier & enjoyable.

There are a number of definitions of education. But most appropriately education is defined as- ‘Education is the process of understanding & developing self’. We need to acquire optimum knowledge and skills along with the right attitude, which is absolutely required during the actual practice of the profession. At this point, it can be understood that, there can be two parts of anyone’s career. Firstly, the amount of ‘knowledge’ and ‘skills’ that one has acquired during formal education (i.e., the curricular study) will decide the position one might achieve in the profession; whereas, secondly, the later development after getting post / position in the organization or in the professional practice, is largely dependent on one’s ‘attitude’. As far as the later part is concerned, very few efforts, if any, are taken in the most of educational institutions. Fortunately, we offer a stable platform for the development of knowledge, skill as well as the right attitude.

My colleagues in the faculty always take confident steps in the institutional vision of shaping the new generation Homoeopathy doctors. Apart from the academic knowledge, we take care of the individual students in order to develop their overall personality to stand-up in the society not only as a responsible, successful physician but also as a compassionate human being.

Welcome aboard and Happy Learning!